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Assignment for the rest of June
  1. Choose one topic from the list below, research the topic, and then create something to demonstrate your learning. Here are a few choices of how you can demonstrate what you learned.

  • Diary Entries (written in 1st person)
  • Comic strip
  • Facebook page (on paper). All of the information should be historically accurate.
  • Tri-fold brochure
  • Booklet
  • Give me another idea

Topics to choose from:
  • American Culture/Arts: pp. 270-273/405-407
  • Industrial Revolution: pp. 346-351
  • Worker's Rights: pp. 352-357
  • Transportation Revolution: pp. 358-363
  • Technological Advances: pp. 364-367
  • Immigration: pp. 400-404
  • Education and Reform: pp. 410-415
  • Women's Rights: pp. 423-428
  • Miners, Ranchers, and Railroads: pp. 546-552
  • Fighting the Native Americans: pp. 553-558
  • 2nd Industrial Revolution: pp. 574-578
  • 1st Millionaires: pp. 579-582
  • New Immigrants: pp. 588-593
  • Rights of Women and Minorities: pp. 622-626

Assignment for June 3rd
  • HW-Write your own Reconstruction Plan on the bottom of your Cornell Notes

Assignment for June 2nd
  1. Assassination of Lincoln
  2. Assassination Plot
  3. John Wilkes Booth 1
  4. John Wilkes Booth 2
  5. HW-Finish Lincoln obituary

  • Test will cover Presidents 8-11, Manifest Destiny, War with Mexico (including Texas), slavery, and the Civil War

Assignment for May 29th
  1. Here is the study guide for the final exam:
  2. HW-STUDY for the final

Assignment for May 28th
  1. Study your Cornell Notes, questions, and then write a summary.
  2. Use this Jeopardy Review to study for Friday's Final Exam
  3. HW-Study

Assignment for May 27th
  1. Choose 3 battles of the Civil War. Include the 5 W's.
  2. HW-Finish battle research

Assignment for May 23rd

Assignment for May 22nd
  1. Here is today's assignment; open it in an App that allows you to shade in and label the graphs, as well as type your answers. I would recommend Notability.
  2. HW-Study the answers to the questions

Assignment for May 21st
  1. After finishing today's notes, here are Election of 1860 questions.
  2. HW-Finish questions

Assignment for May 20th
  1. Here is the Dred Scott DBQ:
  2. HW-Create one Level 2 or 3 question/statement for each document

Assignment for May 19th
  • HW-Finish your 200 word slavery viewpoint letter

Assignment for May 16th
  1. Download the historical figures chart.
  2. Use the pdf placards to fill in the stance and actions for each figure.

Assignment for May 14th
  • HW-Final Project due tomorrow (Entry 7 is a visual to represent life AFTER slavery)

Assignment for May 13th
  • HW-Finish your song for Entry 6 (10 lines minimum)

Assignment for May 12th
  1. Research Nat Turner's Rebellion and Solomon Northup
  2. HW-Entry 5 from research

Assignment for May 9th
  • Entry 4 is to choose 2 primary documents from Chapter 4 and explain how they represent "Resistance"

Assignment for May 8th
  • HW-Finish your 100 word entry about life on a plantation

Assignment for May 7th
  • iParty

Assignment for May 6th
  • HW-Part 2 of your "To Be A Slave" Explain Everything (visual with explanation or poem)

Assignment for May 5th
  1. Here is the video on the slave ship experience
  2. HW-Work on your Explain Everything entitled "To Be A Slave". Make sure you have at least five quotes from the book.

Assignment for May 2nd
  1. John Brown Video

Assignment for April 29th-May 1st
  • NO HW due to Common Core testing

Assignment for April 28th
  1. Label the blank map (use Educreations or anything you want)
  2. NO HW due to Common Core testing

Assignment for April 25th
  1. Here is the link for Compromise Scavenger Hunt.

Assignment for April 24th
  1. Here is the DBQ to annotate:
  2. Here is the video on how to use Notability
  3. HW-Find out 5 facts about the Missouri Compromise and 5 facts about the Compromise of 1850

Assignment for April 23rd
  1. Here is a link for gold mining techniques
  2. 8 Things You May Not Know
  3. Watch this video
  4. HW-Create an advertisement for a gold rush product

Assignment for April 22nd
  1. After you peer edit your rough drafts, Choose any three documents to analyze from this page. Use ACAPS for each of the documents.
  2. HW-Final draft of soldier letter

Assignment for April 21st
  1. After finishing your questions/statements for your Cornell Notes, here is the rubric for the soldier letter:
  2. HW-Rough draft due tomorrow (final draft due Wednesday)

Assignment for April 15th-17th

Assignment for April 14th
  1. Here is a tutorial on how to use Creative Book Builder
  2. HW-Spend 15-20 minutes on your Texas Book

Assignment for April 11th
  1. Research the settlement of Texas
    1. Stephen F. Austin
    2. Empresarios
    3. General Santa Anna
    4. Sam Houston
    5. Alamo
    6. Battle of San Jacinto
  2. Begin creating a book about Texas using the app “Creative Book Builder” (DO NOT WORK ON THIS OVER THE WEEKEND-that includes you Tina!)

Assignment for April 10th
  1. Here is the Padlet for PERIOD 4
  2. Here is the Padlet for PERIOD 6
  3. Here is the Padlet for PERIOD 7
  4. HW-AFTER you finish your Cornell Notes, answer these questions:

Assignment for April 9th
  • HW-Research 10 facts about James K. Polk

Assignment for April 8th
  • HW-Write your 200 word reflection on what you learned from the Lewis and Clark projects you heard in class (on LMS)

Assignment for April 7th
  1. Turn in your Presidents 8, 9 and 10 Keynote into LMS
  2. HW-Lewis and Clark Project due tomorrow (YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TIME LOG!)

Assignment for March 26th

Assignment for March 25th
  1. Here is the template (again) for writing an essay. Here is your guiding question: "To what extent did Jackson move the country towards democracy?”
  2. HW-Your complete ROUGH draft essay on Jackson is due tomorrow

Assignment for March 24th
  1. Here is the Andrew Jackson DBQ:
  2. Read Background essay (pages 4-5)
  3. Look at ALL of the documents (ignore page 12)
  4. Begin Steps 4a-c from page 3 for EACH document
  5. HW-Review documents (Summary judgment #6) Don't forget about the Jackson Justification Chart as well

Assignment for March 21st

Assignment for March 20th
  1. Here is the video we watched in class.
  2. Read this Andrew Jackson story:
  3. Open this Justification Chart:
  4. HW-Do HALF of the chart

Assignment for March 19th
  • iParty

Assignment for March 18th
  1. Here is the link for the JQA game creation
  2. HW-Game due Thursday

Assignment for March 17th
  1. Here is the video we watched in class.
  2. Here are the directions for the Monroe Doctrine Editorial Cartoon:
  3. HW-Finish cartoon, with explanations

Assignment for March 14th
  1. Start here
  2. Quick facts and trivia
  3. Quick timeline
  4. Trivia game
  5. Interactive word search

Assignment for March 13th
  1. Here is the visual metaphor assignment:
  2. Here is an online quiz if you finish your metaphor early
  3. HW-Finish metaphor (make sure you use textual support)

Assignment for March 11-12th
  1. Battle Research (Location/Key people/Outcome/Significance)
    1. U.S.S. Constitution v. H.M.S. Guerriere
    2. Battle of Lake Erie
    3. Battle of Thames
    4. Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    5. Attack on Fort McHenry
    6. Battle of New Orleans
    7. Hartford Convention
HW-Finish Research

Assignment for March 10th

  1. War of 1812 Introduction
  • Read pages 240-245
  • Create one level 2/3 statement/question for each red section
  • Write an acrostic on Tecumseh
  • Write a letter to Congress as a WarHawk
HW-Finish Activities

Assignment for March 6th

Assignment for March 5th
  1. Here is the Lewis and Clark Independent Project:
  2. HW-Research your topic

Assignment for March 4th
  1. Here is the Lewis and Clark Introduction. You can open the document in Pages, just make sure you name it correctly.
  2. HW-Find visuals of 5 of the supplies and explain how they would be useful on the expedition.

Assignment for March 3rd

  1. Here is the DBQ for the Hamilton/Jefferson documents. (Ignore the rubric on the last page)
  2. Answer the questions and paste your answers on LMS.
  3. HW-Final draft of essay from last week

Assignment for February 27th
  1. Using your thesis and concrete details, write a rough draft essay, on the following prompt: “Which of the four historical figures had the greatest impact on the development of our country?”
  2. Cornell Notes:
  3. HW-Finish essay

Assignment for February 26th
  1. Open this document in Pages, and write down who you think said it (Hamilton or Jefferson) and cite evidence from the text to support your response.
  2. Write 5 open-ended questions for each of the following: (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton)
  3. HW-Finish questions

Assignment for February 24th-25th

Assignment for February 20th
  • HW-Research the Swamp Fox for the brochure contest

Assignment for February 18th-19th
  1. Here is the brochure contest for when you finish your commercial:
  2. HW-Commercial is due Thursday at the beginning of the period

Assignment for February 13th

Assignment for February 12th
  1. HW-Your storyboard will be graded tomorrow in class

Assignment for February 11th
  1. Commercial example: Hamilton Campaign Ad
  2. Commercial Fallacies:
  3. Once you COMPLETE your research, here is the storyboard. Since this is a pdf file that you cannot type on, you can make your storyboard on any App you want.:
  4. HW-Work on storyboard

Assignment for February 10th
  1. Here is the graphic organizer for the commercial on Hamilton or Jefferson:
  2. Start here for your commercial research.
  3. HW-Research for your commercial

Assignment for February 7th

  1. What is one difference between the Federalists and Democratic-Republican parties?
  2. What was the value of the bribe in 1798? What would its value be today? (Use the following website http://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/)
  3. Which American political party wanted to declare war on France after the XYZ Affair? Why?
  4. If you were an American in 1789, how would you feel about the Alien and Sedition Acts? Why?
  5. How does the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions affect the federal government?
  6. John Adams Discussion
    1. Choose 3 quotes
    2. Write one paragraph for each quote
    3. Reply to at least two others

Assignment for February 5th-6th
  1. Here are the directions for the Squiggle Art.
  2. HW-Final draft is due FRIDAY

Assignment for February 4th
  1. HW-Finish your John Adams Search (5 Biography Facts/5 Presidency Facts/3 Interesting or Unusual Facts)

Assignment for February 3rd
  • HW-Study for quiz on Washington

Assignment for January 31st

Assignment for January 30th
  1. Here is the DBQ
  2. Washington's Farewell Address:
  1. HW-Come up with five Level 2/3 questions for tomorrow’s Socratic Seminar

Assignment for January 28th

  1. After you set up your Preceden account, here is a brief example for your Washington Timeline covering 5 of the events from your Cornell Notes from pages 205-209. (French Revolution, Neutrality Proclamation, Jay's Treaty, Pinckney's Treaty, Conflict with Native Americans, Whiskey Rebellion)
  2. In order to put images into the events, click on "Edit events" and paste the URL of the image with exclamation points at the beginning and end of the URL.
  3. HW-Finish Timeline

Assignment for January 27th
  1. Read and take Cornell Notes from pages 196-199
  2. Create new titles, headings, and subheadings for each section
  3. Create 5 Level 2/3 questions/statements (total) from the reading
  4. Create an acrostic for Washington
  5. Make a visual representation from one area of the reading
  6. HW-Finish Textbook Strategies for George Washington